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Welcome to eddogphotography.com!

We create awesome photographs!

Founded out of passion, we believe that the exceptional image born from the best photography is a product of meticulous and creative sights. Numerous numbers of clients also believe that with our fervor comes the perfect product. We can never get back time thus we capture moments precisely as you want us to be. Our persistence to come up with something unique in our own interpretation of the subject is the result of time, discipline and patience.

Ed Dog Photography mastered the concept of technical craftsmanship paralleled with artistic creativity. Our intense appreciation with beauty and perennial ingenuity comes from our adventurous journey with nature. We put life to an image as picture can paint a thousand words. In each photoshoot concerning beauty, events, fashion, journalism, people, nature, or breathtaking structures, we can ascertain that each will be uniquely adorable. Naturally, our dauntless creativity is tantamount to trudging beyond the simple and familiar ways. With our state-of-the-art gadgets, pre and post photoshoots, we guarantee an awe-inspired and a breathtaking finish.

Beyond that, our dedication to this endeavor is unmatched. Going out of the bandwagon is our goal. These resulted to commendations from previous customers. With years of experience in photography, we have sharpened our ability to solve issues for your advertising and personal needs. With eddogphotography.com, we bring greater value to your money. You will never go wrong!

Ed Dog Photography is located in Brisbane, the most populous city in the state of Queensland, Australia.

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