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Issues that you can face with your inkjet printer

Businesses are largely affected when a printer, photocopier or a fax machine breaks down. Therefore, one needs a reliable specialist to carry out the repair on time. You may have a problem with your inkjet printer and need an inkjet printer repair. The value of inkjet printers will leap to over $67 billion in 2017 according to market study published at the smithers pira website.  However, before deciding on the repair it is advisable to first and foremost read the repair services terms, revisit your user manual or consider an upgrade. Inkjet printers are generally cheap but also expensive enough to make the repair worthwhile. An inkjet printer has a lot of parts, and each one of them has a potential of failure. This article describes some problems and means of inkjet printer repairs.

                  inkjet printer repairs

Clogged print head

This is one of the common failures in an inkjet printer. A print head that is clogged is very difficult to clean due to their very tiny nozzles. As a first means of inkjet printer repairs, there is a command for self-cleaning found in the printers. If this process fails to work you should remove the print head and wipe it with alcohol. If all these processes fail you should really think of replacing the print head. Cheaper models of inkjet printers are easier to buy for new heads unlike the expensive models with which buying a new printer is cheaper.

Power cord failure

There are many firms that offer services of inkjet printer repairs in Sydney. They treat this kind of failure by turning off the power first. After that check for any obvious cuts or sharp bends on the cord. A cord could have been twisted enough times, and as a result it could have broken internally without any outward sign showing damage. To check for any internal breaks one can use a light globe, a battery or a multimeter. You must also check the power-supply unit to know if it shows any signs of melted plastic or smoke, which may indicate overheat or failure. If it has, it is best to leave this to professionals who offer services of inkjet printer repairs.

Smudging and paper jams

In an inkjet printer, one can see a sponge that is very small, which sucks up any extra ink from the print head. In this case, it will in time fill up with ink, which will result to smudging. You can replace the sponge with cotton wool although it’s not easy, and it’s messy. Trouble in the rollers used to pick up paper through the printer shows there might be a problem known as paper jams. After working for some time the roller rubber may be hard and smooth causing the paper to slip and jam, which can be fixed by gently rubbing them with a cotton bud that has been soaked in alcohol or take it to an inkjet printer service.

If the problem is beyond Sydney inkjet printer repairs, it’s more advisable to buy a new inkjet printer. The more expensive the models are, the more expensive might be the service, but it really depends on the availability of the parts. For more details, just visit

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Get Professional Lexmark Printer Repairs

Are you looking for professional Lexmark printer repairs? Lexmark printers are some of the industry workhorses as far as printing needs go. In almost any Australian office that you walk into, you are likely to find a Lexmark being used there. No matter how well they are used, however, they will eventually break down and this can serious a problem for many businesses. That is why it is always important to have Lexmark printer repairs service on hand to handle all your repairs and maintenance your requirements with the highest standards of professionalism to suit your needs. Printer Repairs

There are important qualities that you need to put into consideration when you are looking for trusted Lexmark printer repairs. Look at the expertise, professionalism, reliability, response times, experience and affordability. If your Lexmark printer is the mainstay of printing operation in the workplace, then a breakdown is going to have adverse effects on your business bottom lines. There needs to be a mechanism for quickly restoring your printer and putting it back in operation.

When you are hiring a Lexmark printer repairs service, ask them to put their response times in writing as a guarantee. This will give you some confidence that when your printers break down, you can always expect quick resolution to the problem. Where possible, it is also important to negotiate fixed pricing for the printer repairs service. Without a capped and predictable pricing mechanism, printer repairs costs can easily burst through the roof and contribute to the high cost of running the business.

A professional Lexmark printer repairs service should offer you the following advantages:

Fixed pricing: This is desirable as it allows to have some control on the costs and prevent them from spiraling out of control.

Genuine and affordable parts: A Lexmark repairs partner should give you genuine and high quality parts at the most affordable pricing. Genuine and affordable parts are crucial for the performance and long term cost savings. Generally, it is good to work with a repairs partner with good buying power as they can always procure parts at affordable pricing and pass on the savings to the end users. Such companies are generally able to provide very competitive pricing for printer repairs.

Fast response times: When you are looking for a printer repairs service, it is important to emphasize that you are looking for fast response times. What response times can they guarantee? If they are locally based, they will generally offer you 4-8 hour response time guarantees. This will allow your business to quickly get back to service after a major printer breakdown. Check out Printer repairs

Do they have a loan machine: This is also important and not many printer repair companies will offer you a loan machine. If you have a major printer that is the mainstay of printing operations in your business, then a breakdown can be quite crippling. When shopping for printer repair services, ask them whether they can offer you a loan machine that you can use to keep things running for the duration of the breakdown. This will be important when your printer is facing a major issue and the service technicians have to carry it offsite in order to repair it in their workshops.

Check out and have your Lexmark repaired by a senior technician today.

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Printers have become part and parcel of any office work in this modern error of technology. The use of printers dates back to the end of the twentieth century when the ancient writer realized that ink writing was slow and did not produce quality work. With the invention of computers came the need for printers and ever since printers have evolved from the large printing press to the small printers. Since printers play an integral role in the running of an office, due care and attention should be given to them to avoid damages and breakdown. Printer maintenance tips will help you save the cost of repair and replacement which is relatively high.

There are several printer maintenance tips but there are those universal tips that are common to any printer. Below are some of the tips that will help you in caring and maintaining your printer;

Before doing any maintenance on the printer, you need to unplug the power cable from the socket. Working on the printer while the cable is plugged on may result in electrocution and even death, therefore, safety must be observed first. If the printer was in use, allow it to cool down as some printers store a lot of heat in them while in use. this is also important for your safety.

After you are sure that the printer is safe to handle, go ahead and clean the printer head. You will know that the printer head needs cleaning when you see white lines across the graphics anytime you print a document. This means that the printer head is seriously clogged and needs immediate cleaning. The manufacturer’s manual has a detailed procedure on how to clean printer head, for instance, DIY printer care tips on the manual. Ensure that you follow the procedure as outlined in the manual when cleaning to minimize any damage. Just ensure that you do not clean the printer head more than the recommended time or period. Check out Printer repairs

Dust and debris can easily build up in your printer. This can cause paper jam and streaks of ink while printing. It is therefore recommended that you remove dust particles as soon as you suspect such incidents with your printer. These dust particles can easily be removed by a simple vacuum blower. Again there is instruction on how to vacuum your printer in the manufacturer’s manual.

Just like any other machine, printers are not safe from mechanical errors and breakdown. when experiencing a mechanical error like paper jam, it is important that you carefully fix printer paper jam to avoid further mechanical damages. There are some breakdowns that will require the services of a technician. When fixing a paper jam, for instance, it is important that you use both hands to slowly but gently pull out the paper to avoid the paper being ripped by part of the printer. Also, to avoid paper jam, always ensure that the paper you load into the printer is neither torn nor folded. This is one of the printer maintenance tips that will come in handy in preventing damages to your printer.

Apart from the above, proper storage, unplugging the printer when not in use and placing the  printer on a flat surface are some of the simple tips to keep your printer running at optimum level. For more details, just visit