Logistics and Shelving 101: Calculating your Storage Solution’s Uniform Distributed Load or UDL

Effective storage solutions carry the motto that goes like this – have a place for everything and everything should be in its place. This motto embodies the importance of efficient storage solutions for every business perfectly. There are many reasons why the importance of proper storage is always emphasized in the logistics of businesses all over the world. Aside from providing safety for the products, employees learn principles of good practice and better appearance of the warehouse, adopting an effective storage solutions technique also guarantees that you will find what you’re looking for. When it comes to storage solutions, choosing a cheap longspan shelving system should be the way to go. Usually, going with what the majority is going with is good and easy, but you should take into consideration the Uniform Distributed Load or UDL or your products. If you happen to be a logistics manager in Australia, buying your usual Sydney longspan shelving might not be able to make the cut. This article explores the importance of Uniform Distributed Load or UDL to the success of your logistics technique.

What is the Uniform Distributed Load or UDL?

Normally used by shelving suppliers, UDL is a phrase that dictates the right load that can be securely stockpiled on each section of a shelf. The concept of the UDL edicts goods should be kept uniformly, not controlling overly extra weight compared to the remnant load of the shelves themselves. This is because the weight capacity of any shelf is always reduced if loaded haphazardly, resulting in breakage of products. Like in the situation where you’re getting longspan shelving in Sydney for your electronics factory. Carefully storing boxes of electric cables and fragile miscellaneous parts onto the shelf should be based on the actual capacity or the UDL of any pallet racking or longspan shelving as to avoid accidents like the shattering of these products.

This is why it is usually highly recommended that businesses upgrade their chosen shelving or racking to one with a higher capacity to reduce the possibility of overloading. With this in mind, getting the most popular shelving suggestion – longspan shelving – should be more advantageous to your business. Visit at SKY RAC

What are the advantages of longspan shelving?

Usually, a full on pallet racking system demands more floor space and budget. Longspan shelving is a great alternative. Here’s why:

·         They cooperate better with small scale manufacturing environments, warehouse and factory storage, and even office spaces unlike the bulky and large pallet racking system counterparts.

·         They are quite easy and quick to assemble and move. They are flexible since they can be attached to the lower levels of an already existing pallet racking system or even just assembled as a stand-alone, personal shelving system.

·         Their best feature is that these shelves are easily adjustable. This means you can accommodate different shelving levels to your liking without compromising the UDL since you can still house medium to heavy loads with the shelves.

·         Accessories such as chip board panels, wire mesh decking, steel shelf panels, and garment hanging rails can be affixed to fit the user’s lifestyle.

·         If ever changes arise, longspan shelving systems can be extended and reconfigured to adapt to the products you need to store without compromising the overall UDL.