Smart Electrical Assets Management with PD Testing Solutions

In the modern times, it is possible for companies and industrial installations that rely on high voltage lines to optimize the management of their electrical assets by investing in a series of smart management solutions. The implications of failure are very grim and often costly for these companies. It might mean losing a $500,000 machine to electrical failure and incurring costs that you had not budgeted for it could be much worse. There are plenty of smart electrical asset management solutions that companies can deploy in order to have a relative peace of mind such as partial discharge testing, phasor measurements and automated metering amongst many others.

The advances in technology mean that you now have very smart electronic and computerized solutions that will deliver efficacy and safety to your business.  see more about, Partial Discharge Specialist ,The range of intelligent electrical asset management solutions currently available in the marketplace means that you have a huge opportunity to mine lots of data that you can put into many other users in order to boost the reliability of your electrical systems.

Businesses that deploy smart asset management through solutions such as partial discharge testing are generally able to reap lots of rewards. They are able to balance and optimize electrical performance, and they also get a cost effective computerized solution that is reliable and deliver results most of the time.

When it comes to asset management, one of the areas that you should prioritize is that of partial discharge testing by investing in great equipment that can deliver accurate and precise partial discharge testing measurements. The main area of application PD cable mapping is in the predictive maintenance of the electrical assets.

The data that is obtained from the PD testing offers engineers with important information on the quality of the cable insulations and the impact that this will have on the overall health of your equipment installations. It enables an asset manager to make the strategic decisions, based on the progression of the deterioration of electrical insulation, on how they are going to forestall any potential failures in the future.

With the right partial discharge measurements, the asset managers will be able to prioritize their budgets as well as MRO investments in anticipation of any electrical failures. They are not caught unaware and can as a result respond adequately to future emergencies.

There is a great range of electrical assets where partial discharge testing can be applied. These include the power cables, the splices, the cable terminations, the motor installations, the power transformers as well as the bushings, switchgear and even generators.

It is important to note that the partial discharges can occur not just in the aged electrical equipment and installations but also in the new installations. So if you have new equipment installations, it is important not to assume that you will not need this kind of investment for some years to come. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide

It can be particularly efficient in the detection of the damaged insulation that occurs due to poor installation practices or even poor equipment design. You can use it to capture important baseline data that can predict any premature failures in the equipment.

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