Thermoplastic elastomer compounds: Applications and utilities

Thermoplastic elastomer compounds or TPE compounds come with great processing properties of plastic along with the elastomer property. The compound plays a significant role in the development and designing of a large variety of products. Basically, it comprises of end blocks of thermoplastic that surrounds an elastic midblock. TPE’s possess extraordinary structure and behavior; therefore, the experts have placed these compounds in a different class which lies between the elastomer and plastics.

thermoplastic elastomer compounds
thermoplastic elastomer compounds

The diversity of the custom thermosetting elastomer compounds is continuously growing. The manufacturers and dealers of the custom thermoplastic elastomer compounds are joining the new market and searching for new ventures for opening up profitable opportunities for your business development and innovation.

Ø Application of specialty thermoplastic elastomer compounds:

These compounds are quite versatile in nature and are used for designing a variety of products. As the property possessed by this compound is an amalgam of both plastic and elastic, therefore, it is used where the conventional plastic and elastomer are not able to offer the required physical properties needed in the product. Here are some of the applications of thecustom tpe compounds. Take a look!

·        Automotive: The automotive industry is among the leading consumers of this multi-utility compound. It is used for making a variety of automotive parts on the global scale. These serve as a better and more durable substitute of PVC and rubbers. When you are using TPE then you don’t have to add any other stabilizer or reinforcing agent or any other cure system.

·        Building and construction: this one is the second-leading sector in which thermoplastic elastomer compounds are used for a plethora of applications. Despite the continuous economic recession, a large investment is made on the thermoplastic elastomers by the building and construction industry. The products made using these compounds are used for designing the modern style roof, industrial as well as domestic window gasket and also geotextiles.

·        Footwear: These days the manufacturers of the branded footwear prefer to use this compound for designing high-quality footwear. It will not just make the final product look good but also make them long lasting. The best thing about thermoplastic elastomer is that this mind-blowing compound has created a buzz in the footwear market.

·        Appliances and house ware: with the introduction of soft-touch thermoplastic elastomers, a revolution has taken place in the industry of appliances and house ware. This compound contributes a lot in making the articles that involve hand contact as they are more effective and shock proof. It is used for the safety purposes in electronic appliances such as irons and electric kettles.

·        Medical and hygiene: The medical and hygiene sectors have also emerged out as fast growing sectors where thermoplastic is used for a variety of applications. Today, this compound is easily available in all modest sizes and is equally affordable. TPE is dominating the market as it offers a high level of transparency. It is used in making the teats of the bottles used by babies, face mask, medical tubing and many other things.